Aloha, greetings!

Meet Celeste Sheffey, a photographer / graphic artist specializing

in creating gorgeous travel photo gift products and conversational wearable art.

Her love of photography came about when her parents moved the family from New Jersey to Connecticut due to her Dad's military employment.

Celeste's parents presented her with a small Brownie camera to help with the transition giving her the title of "family photo historian".

Many years later, family members continue to enjoy a peek into their lives from the early 60's to the present,

especially after the photos were scanned and placed online.

Celeste began her career as a professional photographer  in 1996 after the birth of her youngest child.

 Rather than purchase Christmas cards, she decided  to use a beautiful photo she took of a red rose in snow,

after a early Boston snow storm in November.

She ordered 6x4 prints, brought glue, purchased envelopes, and card stock typing her information on

the reverse side, just like the big chain greeting card companies. 

The cards were a huge success. Everyone that received the holiday card called or emailed her saying how much they loved 

the photo continue to sell well.

With that major win under her belt, her then husband had an interest in videotaping his friends who were 

hip hop and rap artists,  featuring them on Boston's BNNTV station while she pursued 

the photographic side of the business. They started a videography / photography business named:

His and Her Khoncepts. Cute! They did very well, however due to unfortunate circumstances,

they split and she kept the business updating the name to Khoncepts.

Khoncepts focus for the next 17 years was videotaping  and editing events and weddings.

Video editing also involved a bit of graphic art work especially for the DVD labels.

Celeste found she truly enjoyed the process of designing graphic art.

Fast forward to November 2012 and to experiencing the most horrible pain she could ever imagine,

Sciatic nerve pain from herniated discs.  Standing, sitting, sleeping, walking, almost 24 hours of unrelenting pain

provided the impetus to finally retire from the videotaping portion of the business. 

With the help of her daughter/video assistant she managed to make it to November 2013 doing her last wedding (happy tears).

Now, that the pain is down to a manageable achy tightness 

She excitedly began a new phase of the business,  that of providing international and national clients

with "conversational works of wearable and home decor art."

Designs created for you can be done privately online.

Complete her secured form and she will help send your family and friends a fabulously unique gift.



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