Aundrea Celeste Sheffey, Great Grandma, thyroid cancer patient happily snapping moments & translating them into travel mementos, home decor items

and trendy fashion designs.

Australia /Austria /Brazil /Bulgaria

Canada /Denmark /Finland /France/
Guadeloupe /Germany /Greece/

Hungary /Ireland /Italy /Japan/
Luxembourg /Mexico /Netherlands/

New Zealand / Norway /Portugal/
Spain /Switzerland/
Thailand /Turkey /United Kingdom

 The Problem in one sentence: 
 I save you hours of surfing the web for your favorite color combinations for home decor and fashion designs

 The solution :
 Customers send me up to four of their favorite colors or brand name and I create unique designs for their special  event, home decor, gift packaging or fashion wear items.

 The benefits I give:
 The benefit of working with me is creating fun abstracts using your favorite colors that may be hard or impossible to  find online.  

 Four super-quick reasons clients will benefit using my services:

  1. Your  favorite color combinations may not be easily found online
  2. Customers will have up to 4 different choices to choose from on the printed home decor items
  3. There are no upfront costs and no minimum orders.
  4. Affordable as the art license remains with me.

 How you can take action:
 Clients will complete a quick questionnaire to begin

Join me in using your favorite colors