Colorful, Graphic Art and Scenic Locale Calendars

Music by Khoncepts, enjoy the images and the tunes!

Does every item in your home or office reflect your truth by incorporating personalized colors, patterns and prints that speak to the inner you.

 Picture creatively decorating each room of your home with uniquely artistic calendars, add names, dates or photos to personalize each calendar as your own.

 Go wild! Treat your eyes to a visual feast of your very favorite colors or patterns each morning before you head to work. Smile as you head home knowing you will soon be entering your own personal paradise of colors and designs.

join me in using your favorite colors
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Business Certificate on file with The City of Boston since 1998

Elegantly designed black and bronze 2017 calendar. Each month has an eye catching pattern. Frame your favorites.

I created the music using Garage band Pro on m  iPad Pro app. That is still a work in progress but I'm close. 

Scenic and colorful one page full year calendars by Khoncepts

Aundrea Celeste Sheffey, Great Grandma, thyroid cancer patient happily snapping moments & translating them into travel mementos, home decor items

and trendy fashion designs.

You can purchase from a large selection of Khoncepts printed, graphic art, travel calendars - sold directly in two of my stores: Zazzle and CafePress.

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Hungry /Ireland /Italy /Japan/
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