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Enchanting first visit to Oahu, Hawaii in September was more than I could have envisioned even with reading reviews and blogs of those who had visited.

It is somehow magical to land in the Honolulu airport and see the "Welcome to Hawaii" signage as you walk down the stairs and out to the main entry. 

Honolulu was 90 minutes from the hotel way up on the North Shore where  I had chosen from online reviews for my 5 day stay to  attend my cousin's wedding, as Turtle Bay  Resort was way out of my price range. lol

I did treat myself to hiring a transportation company to drive me. Luckily for me, I was the last passenger on the van and was treated to a private, first visit tour by the driver! Some of the photos in the collage were taken within two hours of my arrival and were symbolic of a fabulous trip to an idyllic vacation location.

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Laie, Hawaii beach on the north shore
I Heart Hawaii photo gift products

I Heart Hawaii photo collage featuring a few wonderful memories of stunning sandy beaches, gorgeous turquoise water, colorful purple sunsets, and beautiful flowers!


My recent January birthday visit from Boston to Reykjavík, Iceland was fantastically different from my usual tropic locales. The stunning landscapes of snow and ice also brought back memories of an equally superb but sunny trip to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in 2009. My cousin was getting married at Turtle Bay resort and I managed to find a decent place to stay down the road as Turtle Bay prices were quite a bit more than my budget would allow lol. The hotel was torn down a few years ago. I liked that it was right next door to MacDonald’s, the hotel had free Wi-Fi in the lobby, they served a continental breakfast, the city bus stop was right in front with a private path to the beach. Perfect in every way. Perfect in all respects except for the tiny ants in the bathroom sink and the little lizards that came through a crack in the door frame which I blocked with a face cloth.

I actually had booked a return to Oahu birthday vacation package in 2015, however my Dad wasn’t doing well and I ended up cancelling and celebrating last year’s birthday in Maryland with my Dad, aunts, cousins and my oldest daughter who drove us down. 

I’m already saving and looking forward to my 2020, 65th birthday spending seven glorious days on a Hawaiian cruise with a layover in California to visit one of my brothers. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching Hawaii Five-0 and reviewing my 2009 photos. 

Heavenly Hawaii postcard photos by

Aundrea Celeste Sheffey, Great Grandma, thyroid cancer patient happily snapping moments & translating them into travel mementos, home decor items

and trendy fashion designs.