Aundrea Celeste Sheffey, Great Grandma, thyroid cancer patient happily snapping moments & translating them into travel mementos, home decor items

and trendy fashion designs.

Australia /Austria /Brazil /Bulgaria

Canada /Denmark /Finland /France/
Guadeloupe /Germany /Greece/

Hungary /Ireland /Italy /Japan/
Luxembourg /Mexico /Netherlands/

New Zealand / Norway /Portugal/
Romania / Spain /Sweden / Switzerland/
Thailand /Turkey /United Kingdom

I scan all of our Christmas cards to digital format, easily shareable online! and for the brave ones (smile) they can be recycled.

prices begin with 150 pieces @ .15 each ($22.50)

Khoncepts - Basic Photo Scanning

Allow me to do all the scanning!

Your family's memories will  be digitally saved for future generations. Including, bereavement cards, birthday cards, report cards, family photo albums and children's artwork.  

Once in digital format, the children's artwork can be used to create personalized home decor and gift items for Grandparents, teachers, friends and family..


Your photos and  documents will be digitized into jpeg format. You will be able to share them with family and friends worldwide via any number of online storage companies such as DropBox, Box, Shutterfly and more!  

We offer the utmost confidentiality and respect of your family's memories.
We are based in Boston, MA.  

Below are my families photos and scanned Christmas cards with music.

I'd love to help scan your photos and greeting cards.  Take a moment to read a very satisfied customer's Yelp review!

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